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Nigel Yates in Hawaii
Nigel Yates Bovington Tank Museum
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who I am - what I Do - why I do it

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My Favourite Quote?

"Whether you think you can,

whether you think you can't,

you're right!"

So simple yet so profound!

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My Favourite Drink?

My daily rocket fuel! I know I drink too much but there's something I can't resist (probably all that caffeine)!

At home it's 'Peet's' brand for me: "Major Dickason's blend" straight from the Keurig coffee machine is hard to beat.

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My Favourite Job?
Was maybe my first!

Way back during the height of the 'Cold War' (yes, makes me feel old) I was starting my career in the British Army - after almost three-years training I was living in Germany and maintaining electronic control systems inside the Chieftain Main Battle Tank.

- much travel and adventure: it was an awesome job!

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My Favourite Sport?

I'm a big fan of Formula One motor racing and cheering on the British driver Lewis Hamilton - 7 times F1 World Champion.

Blessed to have fulfilled a dream by traveling to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, for the USA Grand Prix.

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Personal Development
Includes An MSc and MBA

I never considered myself all that academic, which is why studying for an MSc and MBA almost killed me - whilst working full-time too!

But it never ends and I'm still studying today - online skills such as SEO, marketing, website building.

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I often talk to people who expected to make easy money online but found it almost impossible to build and sustain a meaningful income. I ask them, 'how much have you invested in yourself - to develop your skillset, master the toolsets and conquer your mindset?

Income seldom exceeds personal development!

~ Nigel Yates


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"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone!"

~ Nigel Yates

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